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Global Payments Simplified

The International Payments Framework Association (IPFA) provides rules, standards, operating procedures, and guidelines to improve cross-border payments. And because globalization is driving a broader base of clients who demand a more cost-effective, less complex, and more certain payment service with a wider reach, standardization is more important than ever.


Applying standards to real-time
Elizabeth McQuerry, the new IPFA CEO, gave an interview to Liz Lumley of Finextra at the NACHA Payments Alliance Meeting in Barcelone earlier this month. Herein she explains the IPFA is looking at standards to promote the growth of real time payments globally. more…

International Payments Framework Association appoints new CEO and launches Instant Payments Initiative
2 June 2015
Five years after its foundation, the International Payments Framework Association (IPFA) has appointed a new management team and expanded its focus to include instant or real time payments at their AGM in Barcelona yesterday. Elizabeth McQuerry, a partner in the US payments consulting firm Glenbrook Partners and a former IPFA member representative of the Federal Reserve's Retail Payments Office, has been appointed as the new CEO of the association. She will take up this position with immediate effect. She takes over from Arthur Cousins who had shepherded the group since its founding in February 2010. more…